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Immunotherapy is a penicillin moment in the history of patient treatment and their outcomes – it offers a potential cure to cancer.

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Immuno Beginner

Steve Holmes

In 2013 my younger brother was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, like pancreatic it is the most hostile of all cancers. Graeme did not make it, he had no access to informational resources and his Oncology support was grossly inexperienced and lacking critical expertise and knowledge. Their lack became my brothers, and the terminal diagnosis went unchallenged.

What I know now, is that patients are dying without ever knowing about the opportunities that are currently available. The greater majority of Oncologists are to busy and under resourced, they like their patients are just as unaware the opportunities within Immunotherapy.

December 2016 I received the exact same distal extrahepatic cholangio diagnosis as my younger brother Graeme  did in 2013 (RIP – 2014).

View my CCA Patient Interview here.

I am a currently a participant in Keynote trial 158 –
5 year “Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor trial. (ICI)

Like the majority of cancer patients I began my journey in shock and equipped with zero knowledge to respond. I am now in a very unique position to have survived a statistically unbeatable metastatic cancer, I can now help others. Please join the Immuno Beginner Community – Many many patients are dying needlessly, they pass without ever knowing that they may have had other opportunities.  As an experienced patient, this is something I can help change and not only save patients but their family – I cannot think of anything more important to live for.

Every person that joins is a huge motivational boost.”

Kind Regards
I was one of those Immuno Beginners