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Last updated – 20 Jan 2021


Hello and Welcome to Immuno Beginner, the simplest free Immuno resource site for the “Newly Diagnosed Patient” and their whole caregiver community. Immuno Beginner is grounded in helping patients and caregivers understand quickly and efficiently whilst under enormous personal strain. Knowledge increases choice and leads to the best patient outcomes possible.

  • Educate
  • Equip
  • Empower

If you are now asking yourself:

  • How will I ever understand all this?”
  • How do I learn the language and terminologies?
  • How do I make better decisions?
  • Or if you have any other questions about Immunology, Immunotherapy, then you’re in the RIGHT place!

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About the founder

Steve Holmes

In 2013 my younger brother was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma. Like pancreatic it is one of the most hostile of all cancers. My brother Graeme’s medical support was grossly inexperienced and lacking the critical expertise and knowledge needed if he was to have any chance of survival. Their lack became his, and the terminal diagnosis a fait accompli went unchallenged. Graeme and his family had no access to informational resources – they were completely lost and in the dark.

Fast forward to November 2016, I also received the exact same diagnosis as my younger brother Graeme (RIP – 2014). I to was now in a battle for my life with a cancer that has an unchallenged 6.7 month average survival time. But there was a difference?

I had a medical team that had experience and were current with this specific cancer. They were also open to new options and assisted in my education. What I now know as an experienced patient, is that many patients are pass away unnecessarily, due to a lack of current knowledge and understanding of their diagnosis and options available to them.

We live in a time, where patients must take responsibility for their diagnosis, they must equip, educate and empower themselves. We now have the resources to help this. I personally want to be part of the success equation, there can be no better prize or value derived from the opportunity called life.

I am a currently a participant in the international Keynote trial 158

A 5-year “Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor trial. (ICI)

Like the majority of cancer patients, I began my journey in shock and equipped with chaos and zero-knowledge to respond. I am now in a very unique position to have survived a statistically unbeatable metastatic cancer, I can now help others. The Immuno Beginner is a Community designed to support patients and their caregivers through education and application of it.

Kind Regards
Ps. I to was an Immuno Beginner.

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